Rootin’ Tootin’ Kids Activities

Children can play at Longview PRCA Rodeo

Pre-Registration Has Ended 
Pre-registration begins March 15 for children activities at the Longview PRCA Rodeo. Kids can have their kick at Muttin’ Bustin’, the Boot Race or Stick Horse Barrel Racing. Stay tuned for further details, or call 903-738-9442 today to learn more.

3 reasons to bring your kids to the rodeo

3 reasons to bring your kids to the rodeo

Have a blast with the whole family this April 12th-13th at the Longview PRCA Rodeo. You’ll want to bring your kids along because:

  1. There are activities for all ages
  2. It’s a safe, family-friendly environment
  3. There are tons of awesome prizes to win

Registration for the children activities begins March 15 and runs through April 1st. All contestants will receive a Justin Boots buckle and bandana.

Call 903-738-9442 today to learn more about the Longview PRCA Rodeo.